Sanitation is a basic human right – Prof Francis de los Reyes

Bill Gates has been trying to revolutionize toilet design. Melinda Gates gave a talk about girls in India refusing to marry boys whose villages did not have proper sanitation. Prime Minister Modi launched a Swachh Bharat campaign. Yet a silent holocaust with 1.5 Million children dying from inadequate sanitation continues every year in our world.

This is a major problem impacting design of our future cities and water systems.  While discussing this topic with a group of IIT friends, Alum Girish Nair sent me this summary.

Check out this fantastic, must watch talk by Professor Francis de los Reyes.

The Lost Souls Project

Our membership is accretive, based on those who signed up over time. Word of mouth has played a significant role in keeping members involved and the mailing list current.

Over time many new members have moved to the area, while many have moved out. Taking this into consideration, Ron Mehta and colleagues launched a project in 2014 to revise the list of alumni in the Tri-State area.  The project was also supported by IITBHF.

The project was headed by Amit Khandelwal from the Bay Area who was assisted by the four Exchange Students from IIT Bombay at Cooper Union.  Using data from LinkedIn, the study revealed that around 400 Alumni are on LinkedIn, but not members of our Chapter. Since this number is only from LinkedIn, it is by no means the complete list.

We would like alumni who are in the area, but not members of the Chapter to become members of the Chapter. We want to engage them and hear from them.

We appeal all members to please invite Alumni who are not getting emails from the Chapter to enroll with the Chapter. Please get in touch with your current email here. We would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for details about the Lost Souls Project.

GO-IITB Challenge 2014 was a success! Thank You!

Dear Fellow IITBAAGNY Members:

Many thanks to the 112 donors in the Greater New York area for donating almost $175,500 to our beloved Alma Mater’s GO IITB-2014 campaign that just concluded.
Our Chapter was 2nd both in Terms of the number of donors and the total funds donated trailing the much larger Silicon Valley/Bay area Chapter.
Let us take this up as a “challenge” to be NÚMERO UNO in 2015. Please review the details in the attachment.

Ron Mehta
President – IITBAAGNY Chapter

Go IITB 2014 Report