Sanitation is a basic human right – Prof Francis de los Reyes

Bill Gates has been trying to revolutionize toilet design. Melinda Gates gave a talk about girls in India refusing to marry boys whose villages did not have proper sanitation. Prime Minister Modi launched a Swachh Bharat campaign. Yet a silent holocaust with 1.5 Million children dying from inadequate sanitation continues every year in our world.

This is a major problem impacting design of our future cities and water systems.  While discussing this topic with a group of IIT friends, Alum Girish Nair sent me this summary.

Check out this fantastic, must watch talk by Professor Francis de los Reyes.

2 thoughts on “Sanitation is a basic human right – Prof Francis de los Reyes”

  1. Fabulous talk by the professor. I tend to agree with him that good sanitation shod be the government’s job.
    For voluntary NGOs it is too big a monumental task to handle.
    Modi is trying to bring a cultural awareness in India to change our thinking and try and eliminate open defecation.

  2. There was an article in the Economist a few weeks ago about the deleterious effects of lack of sanitation – open defecation in particular – and how it leads to significantly more childhood infections, stunted growth and reduced achievement in adult life. There is a giant cost India is paying in terms of economic growth, human well-being, healthcare, etc. by ignoring this very basic requirement of society.

    Modi’s program needs to be backed up by huge investment in sanitation infrastructure – sewage treatment plants, new sewers, clean water, pollution monitoring, education about good sanitation, etc. – something the government has not yet provided any clarity about.

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