A CARE Act in NJ to help care for our Senior Citizens

For our aging alumni population, as well as their parents, family care-giving of the elderly is increasingly becoming more important. Many people, especially with our cultural background, want to provide this care in their homes. And, often a family member wants to be the care-giver. But, often they are neither informed of the need in advance nor given the appropriate instructions.

Now a new law, called the CARE ACT (not the same as the ACA – the Affordable Care Act) has been enacted in New Jersey. The key points of this law are:

The CARE Act takes three commonsense actions that will make a world of a difference to family caregivers by requiring hospitals to:

  1. Identify a designated family caregiver when a patient is admitted.
  2. Notify the caregiver when the patient is to be moved or discharged.
  3. Provide that caregiver with adequate instruction for the care of the patient following the patient’s discharge from the hospital.

I learned about this at an AARP meeting today where Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt spoke about it during a Tele-Town Hall meeting. I thought I would like to share this with you so that you are aware of this new law and can benefit from it should a need arise. The following links give you more information about it.

Support Seniors & Their Family Caregivers

Governor Christie Signs the CARE Act:  NJ is second state in the nation to enact law

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