IITBAA – GNY Chapter 2015-16 Executive Committee Reorganization

First let us all congratulate Ruyintan “Ron” Mehta, the current president of the IITBAA – GNY Chapter, who has been elected as President IITB – Heritage Foundation “HF” by the IITB-HF Board of Directors. His 3 year term became effective March 28, 2016. Ron has done an outstanding job as our President in organizing in 2015 the Financial Planning Seminar in New York, Summer Picnic at Liberty State Park, the Annual Reunion function in Jersey City, and the boisterous Diwali Dhamaka event. Please convey your congratulations and best wishes to him. Of course, as he has promised, he will still be active in the Greater New York Chapter events.
Given Ron’s new position, the Executive Committee has been reorganized for its current 2015-2016 duration. Executive Committee member, D. C. Agrawal who is a 1969 Mechanical Engineering graduate will be taking over as President for the balance of the current EC’s term. DC lives in Princeton, NJ and works as a Consultant in the passenger railroad and urban transportation industry.. Parasvil Patel, a 2009 Electrical Engineering graduate, will be joining the Executive Committee as a Trustee to fill DC’s position.  The members of the reorganized Executive Committee will be as follows. 
D. C. Agrawal, President
Kicha Ganapathy, Vice President
Raj Singh, Treasurer
Nivvedan Senthamilselvan, Trustee
Parasvil Patel, Trustee
Ram Chelluri, Immediate Past President
Subodh Batra, Immediate Past Treasurer.
Please feel free to contact DC in case you have any suggestions or questions.  If you or your spouse would like to volunteer for the different events, that would be even better.  He can be reached via email at dcagrawal [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Looking forward to your active participation in all the upcoming Chapter activities – May 8th Seminar on Sustainability at Columbia University, NY and theJune 12th Summer Picnic at Liberty state Park, Jersey City, NJ.”
Yours truly,
The Executive Committee

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