In case you missed our memorable Diwali Dhamaka 2016

Diwali Dhamaka 2016

It is with great pleasure we would like to share that IITBGNY Chapter held its annual Diwali/Holiday Dhamaka Party on Nov 19th, 2016. It was attended by alumni from IIT Bombay, other IITs, and their extended families. It was an evening full of fun and entertainment.

We are grateful to the sporting spirit of all attendees who enthusiastically participated and cheered performances. We had the presentation of the Youth Achievement Award to two children of alumni who won the essay writing competition.
This was followed by a spectacular show of little kids dressed up as Avatars. One had to be there to admire their enthusiasm – regaling us with their stories and place in the cosmos. Cheers of all adults including those from different faiths, outright atheists and even confused atheists was remarkable.

In the karaoke event the audience was regaled by songs, ghazals of various genres including a fantastic western performance by the daughter of one of our IIT Madras alum. It is heartening to see the talent alive, well, ready and able to perform at short notice. It gives us ideas for future holiday events.

Dancing to Bollywood music put the young and old back into the Mood Indigo spirit. There was a near unanimous participation. Dandiya is always a hit. Many got to learn it the first time. I did get hit on my knuckles by my teenager who I still feel did it on purpose. It was still worth it though.

The food was free flowing and so were the drinks for anyone interested. Appetizers and main course was followed by excellent sweet dishes – gulab jamuns and kulfi. Hot chai at the end was nice to top it off. The event was an effort of volunteers and spouses who enthusiastically gave their time. It took months of planning, meetings in various homes to put it all together. We are grateful to them.

Special shout out goes to Sushil Bhatia who selflessly took photos and family portraits for the sake of history. We also know when Sushil is happy. It is when he puts a drink on his head and slow dances much better than a peacock. We did see him perform and are happy for it.

Thank you all for a memorable evening.

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