2017 IIT Alumni Youth [High School] Achievement Awards

Does you child have notable achievements – academic, extra-curricular, or other activities that make you proud? Wouldn’t you like them to be recognized and have the IIT “family” know of them? 

Program Details

In 2017, IIT Bombay Alumni Association – Greater New York Chapter continues its program to recognize the achievements of high-school going IIT Alumni children.

Award of $250 for the first prize will be given to the selected individual.  Other awards may also be given depending on the entries received. In making the selection, the Awards Committee will note the differences in achievements due to years of school experience, to the extent practicable. Its decision will be final and cannot be challenged. The prizewinners will be recognized and may be requested to make a presentation at the IITBAA family event on November 11, 2017.

We are looking for those students who, while doing well academically, have made notable achievements in one or more areas of performing and display arts, music, sports, public service, innovation, and/or other extra-curricular effort.  We are looking for the “best of the best” well rounded individuals at the high-school level within the IIT family residing in the Greater New York region.

Who is Eligible?

Children of IIT Alumni – all IITs, not just IIT Bombay – who will be High School students starting Fall 2017 in the GNY region are eligible.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Eligible entrants must sign and submit attached Entry Form [DOCX] [PDF] describing and detailing their achievements along with any supporting information such as documents, certifications, etc. [Short Audio/video for performing art achievements can also be submitted; however, they will not be returned.]
  2. Each entry must also submit an Essay (not more than 500 words) covering the following:
  • Describing the achievement and why one thinks it is important or noteworthy.
  • What the individual has learned from the experience of making the achievement.
  • Unique learning perspective, if any, being a child of an IIT graduate.
  • What advice would the person have for others based on their experiences.

All applications must be post-marked or emailed by October 31, 2017.   Applications may be either

(1) emailed to: YouthAchievementAwards [at] iitbombay.org or

(2) sent by regular mail to President, IITBAAGNY, 6 Morris Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540.


The program is self – explanatory. Even if you have a question, please first submit the entry. Only in case of a critical unanswered issue, you can write to YouthAchievementAwards [at] iitbombay.org. Please remember, we are all volunteers, so it may take some time to reply.

Will My Child Win?

You won’t know unless you and your child send an entry! We hope you will, and perhaps see your child publicly talk about his/her achievement.

President and Executive Committee

IITB Alumni Association – Greater New York Chapter.

Please share this post with your IIT friends who you know or believe may have high-school going children.

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