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IITB’s Spoken Tutorial project bags first prize for “Nurturing Employability”

The Spoken Tutorial project bagged the first prize in the “Nurturing Employability” category of the Reimagine Education Competition, jointly sponsored by the Wharton School of Business.  The global competition received submissions from 520 universities and enterprises from 50 countries with 22 awards judged by a panel of 40 international experts – a “who’s who” of higher education.

The project is being led by Prof. Kannan Moudgalya at IIT Bombay, and is an initiative of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India. IITBAA-GNY congratulates Prof. Kannan and his project team, and wishes them the best to keep up the great work!

About Spoken Tutorial

Spoken Tutorial is a collection of ten minute long audio-visual tutorials, created using Screencast methodology. They are created on many topics of information technology, such as computer programming, simulation, office productivity suite, graphics and animation software, etc. It is recorded using a script whetted by beginners, thereby making it suitable for self learning. The spoken part is dubbed into all 22 official languages of India, thereby making it accessible to students who may be weak in English, but otherwise smart. Keeping the video part of the tutorial in English helps retain employment opportunities. An application has been created that helps create an offline version of the learning environment, which in turn makes the benefits of the project reach those who do not have Internet access. All the spoken tutorials are released under Creative Commons, CC BY SA, licensing. The self learning capability allows workshops to be conducted through volunteers. These factors have helped train a large number of students absolutely free of cost on many useful IT topics. Close to 850,000 students have been trained in the past four years through the Spoken Tutorial methodology. The visits to the project’s webpage are doubling every year.

Read more about the project here.

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IIT Bombay’s ₹6K Laptop gets a positive review from Mid-Day

A low-cost laptop costing just around ₹6K was developed by IIT Bombay under the leadership and guidance of Prof. Kannan Moudgalya. The laptop received positive reviews from Mid-Day for the value it was able to pack at a low-cost.

Image Link:
Prof. Kannan M. Moudgalya, with the ₹6K laptop. (Image from LiveMint)

The laptop is primary aimed at education, and runs the FOSSEE OS, built on top of the open source Ubuntu Linux. It hopes to bridge the literacy-gap and access to the Internet, by providing affordable technology solutions.

Mid-Day’s Review:

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Techfest : Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival

Techfest is IIT Bombay’s annual science and technology festival creating a visual spectacle year after year. It is well established as Asia’s Largest Science and Technology festival patronized by UNESCO and UNICEF. With a footfall of more than 135,000 people comprising mainly of the youth from 2500 colleges across India and over 500 overseas, it is also the most liked College Festival in India on Facebook.

Among the attendees were Nobel Laureates and Past Presidents. Interestingly, the festival this year was also attended by bollywood celebrities Sonakshi Sinha and Arjun Kapoor.

A Lecture Series provided a platform for both the brilliant and the blooming to connect and have an interaction of a lifetime.
Former president, Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, also known as Missile Man of India, discussed digitization in rural areas.

Maintaining its legacy of having Nobel Laureates interact with the crowd at Techfest, this year Ada Yonath and Kurt Wuthrich, Nobel Laureates of Chemistry delivered lectures related to Medicine and Chemistry in everyday life. Vint Cerf, known as one of the Fathers of Internet spoke on Internet of things.

Other lecturers were Bjarne Stroustrup, Resul Pookutty, Javed Akhtar, Manjul Bhargava, Ryan Germick, R.A. Mashelkar, Silvio Micali, Paolo Giubellino, Marek Gazdzicki, Subhash Khot, R. Chidambaram, Bedabrata Pain.

Exhibitions provided rare avenues to see and experience a wide spectrum of modern technology with a very unique collection of exhibits from across the world.

InMoov (Life full size humanoid robot):
It is able to perceive sounds and noises to see and move, identify the surrounding environment through micro-camera and recognize the voice commands issued to it
Bionico Hand: A Prosthetic arm designed to assist amputees
Beach Bot: World’s 1st autonomous sand drawing robots
Sepios (Cuttlefish inspired marine robot): The only 4 finned cuttlefished robot in the world

Other exhibits were a 20 ft model of INS Vikranth and Artillery Guns (Exhibits from Indian Army and Navy), Tigers Mannheim (Soccer playing robots),Bio-inspired flying devices, Humanoids, Media Arts from Poland(WRO Art Center)and many more

Technoholix: A perfect blend of science technology with the tinge of entertainment. Every year it presents the world’s most renowned artistes & their awesome work.

Snow Storm (Ice Skating Show): Theatrical ice skating performance
Inner Peace: Shadow Performing Show and World Premiere of their 3D Mapping Show.
Thoughts of darkness :- Khawater Aldalam , Winners of Arab’s Got Talent!

“Technoholix” promises to leave you addicted to technology and entertainment with stunning performances like 1st Project, TRONi, Adlelaida.

Ozone: Lighter side of Techfest kept the festive spirit at Techfest alive and kicking. A potpourri of awesome setups, enchanting international artistes, competitions and funky workshops with a tinge of technology.

Setups :
All Terrain Vehicle:- A fast paced, adrenaline pumping driving adventure
Flying Simulator: gives the experience of Virtual Flying, as if giving you wings
Oculus Rift: the next generation Virtual Gaming experience with the 3D stereoscopic view. In addition there was Laser tag, 3D chess, F1 simulator, Paintball, Bungee Run, Body Zorbing

International Artistes:
Zlwin Chew: A well known Malaysian practitioner of magic and mentalism
Kelvin Kalvus: A contact juggler juggling multiple Fushigi balls at the same time
Edgar Groll: A clown, juggler and musician, in short a complete entertainer
Along with Thomas Li Vigni, Matej Kodes, Andrew Csirmaz, BMX or Bicycle Motocross to thrill you with their awesome performances.

Fun Competitions: Soccer Craft , Scavenger hunt, Junkyard Wars & 4-Way Tug of War.
Fun Workshops: Handwriting analysis, Paper Sculpture

With the fields for competitions this year ranging from sustainability and design to advanced robotics to events based on pure sciences, Techfest had something in store for everyone.

Robowars: a game of style, control, damage and aggression with the robots pitting each other in deadly combat.

International Challenge :-Techfest has launched a totally new segment – International Robotics Challenge, International Conference, Techfest International Coding Challenge & Money Ball

Full Throttle:-gave participants an opportunity to build their own IC car and prove their mettle against other racers on the track at Full Throttle.

Other thrilling & exciting competitions at Techfest, 2015 were Technocalypse, Thinker net, Dimensions, Robotron, Xtreme Machines, Algorhythm, Next Gen Tv.

IMG_1593 IMG_1591 IMG_1590 IMG_1523 IMG_1515 IMG_1513

Acknowledgement: From Mumbai, Anuraj Gupta, Aman Mantry and Ketan Acharya contributed to this article

Wild Cat makes a guest appearance at IIT Bombay

There was major media coverage about a wild cat, a leopard, leaving IITB after a comfortable stay of four days. There were roars and pug marks outside the Metallurgy Department Workshop. It was not found.

The PRO office safely concluded in an India Today report “After searching the entire premises, the forest department has concluded that it has moved out of the campus which it entered on Wednesday”. Well, just because it was not found does not mean it is not hiding in a bog somewhere. They used live chicken to lure it, but understandably, the leopard did not seem to like that idea.

Jokes quickly circulated in social media. “No exams, no studies, no quotas – Leopard directly admits himself to IITB”. “We hope it acquires a degree before leaving IITB” and “If it continues anymore, it may join the IITB faculty team”. The source of these jokes were attributed to current students laboring Resnick and Halliday, Turbulent Fluid Dynamics or pulling all nighters.

We know better than the rookie, freshies though. The Leopard does not need any admission. The Leopard does not need to join the faculty team. It is just an old Alumni having a familiar sojourn by the lake. Old stomping grounds. Someone who knows the lay of the land better than most.

Do read the full report on India today here.

50th Inter-IIT Sports Meet at IIT Bombay : A Summary

By Shreerang Javadekar

The Inter IIT Sports Meet, or just “Inter IIT”, as most students refer to it, is the only event wherein students from all the IITs participate. The meet comprises of a total of 12 sports, namely Athletics, Aquatics, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball and Weightlifting. The entire meet is conducted in three phases: The Aquatics Meet which is usually organized in the first week of October, the 8 day long main-event in mid December followed by the Staff Meet. Every sport carries an explicit weightage and the position that a team finishes in that sport adds a specific number of points to the net tally of the team. A contingent March-Past flags off the main-event in full gusto and every contingent’s performance in the March-Past is also accounted for in the tally.

The Road to Inter IIT 2014
The journey to the Inter IIT translated into fruitful outcomes for the students of the host IIT Bombay. Given that hosting the Inter IIT is a huge honour for any IIT, immense efforts and funds were directed by the institute towards building world-class sporting infrastructure. Many new courts were built for indoor sports like Volleyball, Basketball and Table-Tennis while the dilapidated outdoor sports facilities were almost entirely revamped to provide a better playing surface for athletics and field sports like Football, Hockey and Cricket.


The infrastructure-related tasks were taken care of by the senior faculty of the institute and the administrative staff under the supervision of the Director of IIT Bombay. Nonetheless, the execution of the entire event including hospitality and food requirement of the contingents was taken care of by the students, mainly Junior and Senior Undergraduate students. The General Secretary Sports Affairs acted as the link between the team and the authorities.

The build-up to the Meet saw many informal events being organized in the semester before the meet. Movie screenings and sports competitions within the students of the institute were regularly organized which helped build up a fever of excitement in the student fraternity. The direct consequence of such events was that more and more junior students volunteered to help the organizing team with the execution of the main-meet.

Aquatics Meet
The Aquatics Meet, in its 30th year now, was hosted by IIT Bombay during October 1-4, 2014 as a part of the 50th Inter-IIT Sports Meet. A total of 22 gold medals were up for grabs during the event for men and women of both individual and relay type. In addition, water polo was also a part of the championship. All events were played in adherence to the Fédération Internationale De Natation (FINA) rules and standards. The event was graced by the presence of Arjuna awardee Virdhawal Khade who was the Chief Guest of the occasion. One of the finest swimmers in the country, he is the youngest Indian swimmer to qualify for the Olympics in 2008. A musical evening by the singer Gajendra Verma added a non-traditional angle to the event.

IIT Madras’ men and IIT Roorkee’s women opened their points tally by securing maximum potential points available in the Aquatics Meet. Akshay Krishna of IIT Madras and Nivedita Sharma of IIT Roorkee stole the show by winning 5 golds each in the individual events. Akshay Sharma also clinched 2 gold medals in the relay events while Nivedita managed a hard-fought bronze.

Water Polo

The countdown to the Main-Meet was kicked off with the unveiling of the mascot for the sports meet. The mascot was a leopard named “Chhawa” which in Marathi means a cub but is also colloquially used to refer to a smart person. For the first time, the mascot for the Inter IIT is entirely designed by students. “In July 2014, a leopard had visited our campus, putting us in the news for several days. Hence it made the most sense for us to pick it as our mascot, since the name of IIT Bombay was so heavily associated with the leopard,” said Vaibhav Bhalekar, Design Head of the Student Organizing Committee.

The organizing team ensured that the participants would enjoy a pleasant few days during their stay in Bombay. While, the students were kept busy in the pool during the morning time, a series of recreational activities were organized in the evenings for the amusement of students.

March Past

The Final Showdown

The much awaited main-meet kicked off on the 12th of December. A plethora of action, glamour and entertainment, the 8 day journey saw dreams come true for a few but also broke a handful hearts on its way.

The inaugural ceremony was presided over by the Director of IIT Bombay and the Dean of Student Affairs, IIT Bombay. A jam-packed 5000 strong crowd turned up to listen to a heartthrob for many, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar who was also the Chief Guest on the occasion. Amidst, deafening cheers of ‘Sachin! Sachin!’, he inspired the sportsmen to follow their passion by giving them a reminiscence of his childhood memories on the field. His message to the participants was to compete in the right spirit of the game.

The games began in its real sense with the March Past led by defending champions IIT Kanpur. IIT Patna clinched gold in the March followed by Bombay and Jodhpur. The evening saw singer Amit Trivedi take the participants on a melodious tour with his tunes.

Infographic - Inter IIT Pictures from Insight

While, there were a few hiccups in the schedule of outdoor games due to rains, most of the games were right on schedule and all the games concluded comfortably by the end of Day 7. Many national sports athletes were invited as Guests of Honour for the championship games. Dhanraj Pillay (Captain of Indian National Hockey Team), Nandan Bal (Represented India at the Davis Cup, Tennis), Mamta Prabhu (Silver Medalist, Table Tennis at the Delhi CWG) among few others, graced the occasion by their expertise and counsel. An interactive session with John Gloster – ex-physio of the Indian National Team was also organized.

Amongst numerous closely contested battles, the games took a dramatic turn on the final day of the Meet. In the men’s GC, IIT Kanpur by winning the critical Athletics GC jumped from the third spot to finish first by half a point over Roorkee who were enjoying an excellent run in the games by finishing first in the Basketball, Football, Hockey and Squash GC. Records were broken in women’s high jump and long jump in addition to Men’s Hammer throw. Hosts Bombay finished 4th in the Men’s GC and were triumphant in the Women’s GC.

In line with the Aquatics Meet, various cultural events were organized during the free time of the competitors. A leisure arena was structured for the students to enjoy fun activities like board games, ring football, dance, etc. Numerous interactive sessions amongst the students were organized to promote culture amongst different IITs. A gala dinner was also organized for all the participants in addition to an EDM concert by DJ Lost Stories.

Other Initiatives

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, the Organizing Committee wanted to make this Meet even bigger and more special by giving back to the community on a truly pan IIT level.

A social initiative was launched at the opening ceremony of the Aquatics Meet to help the society by improving the scenario of primary education in the country through the medium of sports. The Organizing Committee decided to raise money through runs that would take place in all 16 IITs. The Inter IIT Torch symbolizing peace, goodwill and harmony, was sent to all the IITs and mini marathons were organized where students ran with the torch. The first run was held in IIT Bombay and runs in other IITs followed subsequently. A total of 3000-4000 participants, mainly students, ran in these mini-marathons.

These funds will be donated to Smile Foundation, in proportion to the total number of people running. The NGO will utilize these funds on programs supporting primary education and will help the underprivileged in our society. Apart from that, the children being benefited through this initiative will visit the IIT Bombay campus and an educational tour will be ensued for them.

Since IITians are famous as the best minds in the country, their intelligence was put to the ultimate test by organizing a chess tournament amongst the 16 IITs’ students. The best chess players of the respective IITs were invited to Bombay to take part in this chess tournament. The points of this competition were not included in the net tally however; it was seen as the first step to formalize the game of Chess as a part of the Meet. Bombay emerged victorious in this tournament. The judges of the tournament even praised the intellectual level of the tournament and claimed it to be much higher than other Inter-college tournaments.

The 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet indeed revamped the face of the Sports Meets being held in the time being. The bar has clearly been set for its 51st edition.

Note: This article was originally published by Insight, IIT Bombay’s student media body. It has been reproduced with permission.