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Community Service and philanthropic activities from our members

2017 IIT Alumni Youth [High School] Achievement Awards

Does you child have notable achievements – academic, extra-curricular, or other activities that make you proud? Wouldn’t you like them to be recognized and have the IIT “family” know of them? 

Program Details

In 2017, IIT Bombay Alumni Association – Greater New York Chapter continues its program to recognize the achievements of high-school going IIT Alumni children.

Award of $250 for the first prize will be given to the selected individual.  Other awards may also be given depending on the entries received. In making the selection, the Awards Committee will note the differences in achievements due to years of school experience, to the extent practicable. Its decision will be final and cannot be challenged. The prizewinners will be recognized and may be requested to make a presentation at the IITBAA family event on November 11, 2017.

We are looking for those students who, while doing well academically, have made notable achievements in one or more areas of performing and display arts, music, sports, public service, innovation, and/or other extra-curricular effort.  We are looking for the “best of the best” well rounded individuals at the high-school level within the IIT family residing in the Greater New York region.

Who is Eligible?

Children of IIT Alumni – all IITs, not just IIT Bombay – who will be High School students starting Fall 2017 in the GNY region are eligible.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Eligible entrants must sign and submit attached Entry Form [DOCX] [PDF] describing and detailing their achievements along with any supporting information such as documents, certifications, etc. [Short Audio/video for performing art achievements can also be submitted; however, they will not be returned.]
  2. Each entry must also submit an Essay (not more than 500 words) covering the following:
  • Describing the achievement and why one thinks it is important or noteworthy.
  • What the individual has learned from the experience of making the achievement.
  • Unique learning perspective, if any, being a child of an IIT graduate.
  • What advice would the person have for others based on their experiences.

All applications must be post-marked or emailed by October 31, 2017.   Applications may be either

(1) emailed to: YouthAchievementAwards [at] or

(2) sent by regular mail to President, IITBAAGNY, 6 Morris Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540.


The program is self – explanatory. Even if you have a question, please first submit the entry. Only in case of a critical unanswered issue, you can write to YouthAchievementAwards [at] Please remember, we are all volunteers, so it may take some time to reply.

Will My Child Win?

You won’t know unless you and your child send an entry! We hope you will, and perhaps see your child publicly talk about his/her achievement.

President and Executive Committee

IITB Alumni Association – Greater New York Chapter.

Please share this post with your IIT friends who you know or believe may have high-school going children.

SEF’s first mega event – a show by Shaan – Saturday May 16

Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) is excited to present the spectacular singing star Shaan, Live in Concert, with Lil Champs and Ambili Menon on Saturday, May 16 at NJPAC, Newark, NJ.SEF is known for bringing power packed concerts and with these magnificent singers the Shaan Concert will be a sold-out show and definitely be the talk of the town. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets today at

About SEF:

Established in the Bay Area, SEF, USA is a non-profit organization that has been driven by a truly inspirational mission of “Vision 20/20 by the year 2020”. In partnership with SEF, India, it has been working towards eradicating curable blindness throughout India. By far the most unique and remarkable characteristic of SEF is that it provides free eye care for those unable to afford it – the rural poor. Today, SEF is the largest free eye care provider in the world with 9 community hospitals performing around 150,000 free eye surgeries each year. The tireless efforts by the Sankara team since inception, has enabled close to 1.3 million eyes to receive the gift of vision, utterly free of cost. SEF will focus its fundraising activities for 2 new projects, Focus Madhya Pradesh and Focus Telangana. Become a Founding Donor and leave a legacy – get your name on the Wall of Founders. Join our cause and share in the joy of bringing light to someone’s eyes. Please visit our website at for more details about the cause as well as the tickets for the concert.

A brief video on SEF –

Do You know ?

Cost of one person’s cataract eye surgery is just $30

A CARE Act in NJ to help care for our Senior Citizens

For our aging alumni population, as well as their parents, family care-giving of the elderly is increasingly becoming more important. Many people, especially with our cultural background, want to provide this care in their homes. And, often a family member wants to be the care-giver. But, often they are neither informed of the need in advance nor given the appropriate instructions.

Now a new law, called the CARE ACT (not the same as the ACA – the Affordable Care Act) has been enacted in New Jersey. The key points of this law are:

The CARE Act takes three commonsense actions that will make a world of a difference to family caregivers by requiring hospitals to:

  1. Identify a designated family caregiver when a patient is admitted.
  2. Notify the caregiver when the patient is to be moved or discharged.
  3. Provide that caregiver with adequate instruction for the care of the patient following the patient’s discharge from the hospital.

I learned about this at an AARP meeting today where Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt spoke about it during a Tele-Town Hall meeting. I thought I would like to share this with you so that you are aware of this new law and can benefit from it should a need arise. The following links give you more information about it.

Support Seniors & Their Family Caregivers

Governor Christie Signs the CARE Act:  NJ is second state in the nation to enact law

Startup Project : Clean Drinking Water Plant in Dupally, Telangana

By January 16th, 2015, WHEELS GLOBAL FOUNDATION will be inaugurating its 4th CDWP ( Clean Water Drinking Plant) in Eradindi, Telangana.  All of these have been completed in the last 18 to 20 months.  This is one example of how IITB alums in GNY can team up with our fellow alums in India to help and connect with the rural masses.   This model demonstrates that a few dollars go a long way in India.  The project has a matching contribution from multiple sources.

Typically, the model followed is that of GNY alum donating about 60% to 65% of the total cost of Rs 4 lakhs (about USD 6400), Hyderabad alums (mostly Madhu Reddy) will match 15% to 20% and local villagers 15% of the cost.  The Total project costs Rs 4 lakhs on a turnkey basis, to erect a high quality Reverse Osmosis based drinking water plant delivering 1,000 to 1,200 liters/hour of  pure water. Two more plants are planned for Telangana to start up around April/May 2015 and one plant in Agiya village in Gujarat is starting up around the same time.

Due to bureaucratic reasons related to lack of mission statement and charter for IITBAA, formalities in India with respect to transfer of donated funds from US to India for non academic purposes, donors work with the WHEELS GLOBAL FOUNDATION.  WHEELS GLOBAL FOUNDATION is a Virginia based 501c3 non profit organization where Madhu Reddy and Ron Mehta are co-chairs of the W – Water leg of Wheels.

To learn more about the WHEELS GLOBAL FOUNDATION, and the various legs of the WHEELS, Please click here Wheels Global Foundation.

We would love to hear more about water quality and regional differences across the sub-continent.

Acknowledgement: Ron Mehta contributed the content of this article.