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NIIT Technologies is a leading global IT solutions provider serving customers in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  It has a significant IIT imprint with founders Raji Pawar (IIT,1972) and Vijay Thadani (IIT 1972),  CEO Arvind Thakur (IIT, 1976), Lalit Dhingra (IIT, 1985)- President of NIIT Americas, Bhaskar Chavli (IIT, 1982) Chief Delivery Officer and Sriram Padmanabhan (IIT, 1993)- SVP – NIIT – Americas.

We recently received a request for IIT candidates from NIIT Technologies. They are looking for four IIT graduates for an important assignment in CT for an insurance client.

NIIT Technologies will provide a $2500 referral fee to the GNY Alumni Chapter for every candidate placed.

Considering this is a win-win for all, we are posting this offer. Please forward this request to anyone who may be looking.

This is an excellent and positive way to help our fellow alumni. We will be happy to circulate other such openings.

Job details can be found here