Dinesh (DC) Agrawal

D. C. Agrawal graduated from IIT Bombay in 1969 in Mechanical Engineering. He came to US right after IIT and got his Masters from NC State University in IE/Economics. He lives in Princeton, NJ and has been an active member of the Greater NY Alumni Chapter for several years participating in the Pan-IIT meetings, and IITBAA seminars, lectures and picnics. As the president, he would like to ensure that IITBAA meets the professional and social networking needs of its members.

Professionally, he heads his own management consulting firm focusing on public transportation and passenger railroad issues. Prior to that he was Assistant Executive Director with NJ Transit, which he helped establish in 1979 and where he worked for than 30 years in operations, contracts and finance. He is active in Transportation Research Board, American Public Transportation Association and other transportation organizations.

DC currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Association of Indians in America (AIA), the oldest organization for India-Americans in US and is active in its NJ Chapter. In IIT he helped start FREA India. He has also started up and worked with several development and social activist NGO’s in India and US – many with his friends and colleagues from IIT Bombay. He is father of three boys and one grand daughter.