Rajindra (Raj) Singh

Raj graduated with a B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 1988 and was a resident of H6. He worked with late Prof. B. S. Jagadish for his BTP. He got a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon for a Masters the same year and studied Artificial Intelligence, pattern recognition and Machine learning in graduate school along with Mechanical Engineering.

Raj worked with a team of product design engineers for Westinghouse, designing/ building Steam Turbine main components to last more than 45 years in service. He also received an MBA while working in Florida.

Subsequently he briefly worked on Wall Street for a few years for companies like JP Morgan,Deutsche Bank, etc. on their fixed income and FX trading floors. He trades his own account. Meanwhile, he also financed and ran a couple of start up businesses, with a responsibility to a diverse stakeholder base of clients, contractors, managing people, P/L and regulatory responsibilities of rigorous compliance and audits.